Are you the kind of person that likes to throw on your motorcycle gear and hit the open road with your buddies?  Cuz if so, you're probably gonna love this:  a bill that would make it illegal for law enforcement to profile motorcyclists got a big shot of support yesterday.

The House Judiciary, Administration and Rules Committee unanimously supported a bill that would prevent the profiling of motorcyclists due to many factors.  According to the bill, it would be illegal to pull bikers over for doing things like riding their motorcycles or simply wearing motorcycle gear.  In addition, law enforcement must also have a reason that can be deemed legitimate for arresting, stopping, searching, or even questioning motorcyclists.

If it passes, Idaho will become yet another state to pass such a law.  The first to do so was Washington back in 2011.  Since then, people who supported the bill say that complaints of biker profiling has dropped 90 percent.  In 2016, Maryland became the second state to pass such a law.

According to reports, Bikers showed up in droves in their motorcycle garb to applaud the decision of the panel :)

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