McDonalds employees, more specifically the cashiers and cooks have been planning a strike around the country. Workers are expected to strike next Wednesday, May 19th. The strike is to fight for higher wages. Idaho has about 50 McDonalds through the state, around 20 in the Treasure Valley.

According to Vice, the walk out planned on May 19th is because there is a planned shareholder meeting set the day after on May 20th. On the agenda for the meeting is a discussion and vote for raising the minimum wage in major cities to $15 per hour, while also looking at mid to smaller cities and fair wage rates. Wages in the Boise metro area are a problem in general as cost of living is skyrocketing but wages are staying pretty still.

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Fast food restaurants in general are having a hard time staying fully staffed here in Idaho and in just about every other city in the country. Some managers and franchise owners are getting creative in an attempt to attract new hires that will stick around. From sign on bonuses to being paid just to show up for the interview.

Fast food workers, McDonalds and other chains are saying hey... its simple, pay higher wages and get better workers. A McDonald's demartment manager in Kansas spoke to Vice on behalf of the movement saying, "Our message to shareholders on May 19 is you don't have to wait on legislation. You can pay us $15 an hour now, that should be the floor."



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