Idaho State Police are on high alert and looking for these two teens that just escaped a youth facility.


Brian McAuliffe and Micah West, both 18-years-old escaped from the Oregon Youth Authority Camp Riverbend Youth Transitional Facility in La Grande, Oregon around 7:50 p.m. last night.


Oregon State Police have no idea where they are and are asking for our help in keeping an eye out in case they wander into the Treasure Valley.  Do not approach McAuliffe or West if you spot them.  Call authorities immediately.  Here's their descriptions...


Brian McAuliffe

  • From Central Point
  • 5'10" tall
  • 220 lbs
  • Stocky build
  • Hair is short on sides and long up top and pulled back into a ponytail
  • Last seen wearing a white tank top and black shorts with a red stripe on the sides
  • Tattoos on both forearms


Micah West

  • From Salem
  • White male
  • 5'11" tall
  • 155 lbs
  • Bald or shaved head
  • Last seen wearing a dark blue hoodie and jeans
  • Tattoos of a pistol and a cross on his arms & a tattoo of an eagle on his chest


Anyone with info is urged to call Oregon State Police at 541-664-4600 or 911

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