This is a crazy story with NO answers so far but authorities believe a body found 74 feet away from a burnt car about four miles west of Ontario could be 88-year-old Richard VonDach of Caldwell, Idaho who's been missing since March 5th.

According to KTVB, the vehicle had been stuck in the mud badly and according to the Malheur County Sheriff's Department looked as if someone tried desperately to free the vehicle. So far it looks as if accelerants were not used in lighting the car on fire and authorities, as of now have no idea what is the cause of the fire.

The body found is an elderly male but medical examiners cannot identify exactly who it is yet.  So we do not know for sure that this is VonDach.  We do know that VonDach suffered from dementia, he loved to visit scenic areas and this area is very scenic overlooking the valley of Ontario, Oregon.

VonDach went missing last month and when you add up all the pieces of this bizarre case it looks as if this may be what happened to him.  We will keep you informed as new information is released to the public

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