The death of 19-year-old Charles Peyton Chambers came without a call to 911.  It came with no doctors, nurses, EMT's, or anyone with any type of experience in the medical field.  19-year-old Chambers went to 31-year-old Tommy Basco's house to get one last high as he was headed down to Salt Lake City to clean up his drug problem.  That one last high led to a frantic disaster that ended with Chambers dead and another man grasping at outrageous drug-induced attempts to save a life.

The Idaho Statesman reports that Chambers had overdosed on heroin and that's when Basco attempted something so bizarre, so weird, so questionable.  He took Chambers body and threw it into a bathtub filled with cold water and then injected him with meth hoping that would bring him back.  The meth only did more damage to Chambers leaving Basco with a dead body and no excuses.  So did he call the authorities then?  No.  Basco was most likely under the influence of drugs himself and decided to show off Chambers' dead body to other people in an attempt to intimidate them.  After that Basco allowed people to defile Chambers' body by stealing his belongings and ransacking him before eventually moving Chambers' body to his car close to Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve, along Maple Grove Road.

After all this went down Bosco finally has struck a plea deal which is 10 years in prison with five years fixed.  He's been charged with failure to report a death which is obviously different than murder.  He's currently serving that time in the Idaho State Correction Center.

While Chambers' mother holds strong to her belief that Basco is a coward who shows no remorse and has no apologies as to how he treated her son after his death, the defense attorney had this to say...

“ do suspect (Chambers) was a different individual when free of substances than when using,” Ackley said while looking at the Chambers family. “Tommy Basco also is a different individual when he is using substances.

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