We're seeing flooding across the entire state of Idaho and some of it is getting very dangerous for farmers and their animals.

Torrential Rains Bring Historic Floods To Southern Louisiana
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

The Boise County Emergency Management team is reporting dangerous flood issues near the Davey's Bridge on the Banks-Lowman Road.  Flooding along the middle road of the Payette River is causing major damage to homes and farming areas.  No evacuations have been mandated at this point but residents are battling the floods as much as they can.


Some of the flooding is causing residents to move their animals to higher ground.  Small boats are being used to bring feed to the animals.  So far there are no reports of any animals or residents injured or in desperate trouble.


Animals that have had to wade through the water to higher ground are horses, cows, ponies, yaks, alpacas, donkeys, and goats.


These areas are expected to stay flooded for the next couple of weeks.

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