Ever bought some illegal fireworks before? Say possibly at one of those stands outside Ada County? Well, if Boise Fire Department chief Dennis Doan gets his wish that will become a thing of the past in the state of Idaho.

Earlier today Doan announced that he will be working with lawmakers in an effort to make purchasing or possessing illegal fireworks in the state of Idaho truly illegal.  Currently, it's okay to buy illegal fireworks as long as you don't light them.  Buuuuuuuuut as you can probably imagine, many if not most people are not sticking to that promise.

Doan points out that illegal fireworks were the cause of the 2,500 acre Table Rock fire in June of last year.  "We were extremely fortunate no lives were lost in the Table Rock fire, and as wildfire season is quickly approaching, we believe it’s time to better protect Idaho citizens, their property, and our firefighters who risk their lives battling fires caused by illegal fireworks," says Doan.

If you're a fan of the safe legal fireworks, don't worry. Those won't be affected by this ban.