Ok, it's official, I don't take rejection well. I mean, living here in Idaho, we're so used to seeing that we've made some pretty amazing lists, like 'Safest Cities in America,' 'Best Halloween Cities,' and recently (and the one I'm most proud of) 'Top State for Dog Ownership.' So, when I found out that we actually weren't even considered for a list about beer, honestly, I was a little offended.

Yeah, can you believe that we didn't make SmartAsset's list for 'Best Cities for Beer Drinkers' list? Worse yet, we didn't even get a nod within the top 25! Boise is not there at all!! I really just can't believe it. I mean seriously, Missoula, MT is on there?? What. the. heck.??


So who did make it to the top? Well, not surprisingly Portland, OR took the top spot, followed by Asheville, NC, then sitting at No. 3 Portland, ME (okay, we get it the cities of Portland got the beer thing down). Boise....is...nowhere. You can practically hear my eyes rolling to the back of my head.

So, do you feel as strongly as I do that they got this one totally wrong? I mean, we have SO MANY good breweries around here! Which brewery do you think is the best in the area?

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