A strange and tragic case indeed. 38-year-old Robert Barnhart claims he smothered his stepdad, but he has a history of making false confessions, so what really went on here?

My all police accounts, Randall Turner (Robert's stepdad) died of a heart attack on Thursday. It was a call by Robert that brought police to the scene.

Caldwell Police Sergeant, Damon Rice says, "there was nothing suspicious and the story seemed to match the scene." Yet Robert walked into the Canyon County Sheriff's Office on Saturday and said he his stepfather didn't die of a heart attack, he had smothered him.

So why would a 38-year-old man commit to a crime he didn't commit or did he? Robert Barnhart has a mental disability and has confessed to committing crimes he didn't commit in the past according to KTVB.

Currently, Barnhart is in jail and an investigation is being conducted, but they say there was "no sign of a struggle, and no marks" to indicate foul play.

I can't understand why someone would commit to murdering someone if they didn't, but this is obviously a complex case, so we'll leave it to investigators to dig up the truth.

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