Three bodies found in front of a home in Caldwell and up until now, we've had no answers to who they are or where the prime suspect, 60-year-old Gerald Bullinger is.


Three women, each with one bullet in the head and one has finally been positively identified by dental records as 56-year-old Cheryl Baker.  Cheryl was the legal wife to Gerald Bullinger.  The two of them owned the home on KCID Road.


This statement has been released by Cheryl's brother...

Our family is both saddened and relieved at the confirmation of Cheryls death. We are grateful for a small bit of information, so we can focus on celebrating her life and remembering all the good she has brought to the world.The frustration of unanswered questions will continue over time, but for the moment we will gather friends and relatives to remember and celebrate her life. Thanks to all the well wishes, we grieve together and look for peace and further resolution of these events.”


The other bodies are believed to be 48-year-old Nadja Medley and her 14-year-old daughter Payton Medley.  Nadja and Gerald had been dating for two years and had moved into the home a month before the bodies were found.


The story behind this love triangle and the relationship between the four of them is unclear.  We'll keep you posted as the investigation continues.