She went full-blown Mike Tyson on him! What led this Caldwell woman to bite off a chunk of her boyfriend's ear?!

44-year-old Jennifer Mae Johnson is facing a felony charge of mayhem, which could land her in jail for up to 14 years according to

Jennifer's boyfriend alleges they had been drinking and he was sitting on a couch in the garage when she leaned in, grabbed him by the shoulders, bit off a chunk of his ear, and spit it out!

When police arrived on the scene in the early hours of Tuesday morning they found Jennifer in an RV behind the house that the couple lives in. She claims she was sleeping the whole time and had nothing to do with the incident.

Police didn't buy her story (the man obviously didn't bite off his own ear) and she was booked into the Canyon County Jail.

If you aren't familiar with a mayhem charge, it is when a person "maliciously deprives a human being of a member of his body, or disables, or disfigures or renders it useless, or cuts or disables the tongue, puts out an eye, slits the nose, ear or lip."

We hope Jennifer's boyfriend makes a full recovery.