Idaho is inspiring. Just ask these musicians and song writers. Take a look and a listen to 10 songs that are about Idaho or at least inspired by the glorious gem state. There are dozens of songs about Idaho out there but these are some of our favorites. :)

1) We will start with the most obvious, The Idaho State Song: "Here We Have Idaho" If you have been in Idaho for any amount of real time you should know this one. It was written by Sallie Hume-Douglas and Craig Chernos arranged the piece.
"You've heard of the wonders our land does possess,
Its beautiful valleys and hills.
The majestic forests where nature abounds,
We love every nook and rill
And here we have Idaho,
Winning her way to fame.
Silver and gold in the sunlight blaze,
And romance lies in her name.
Singing, we're singing of you,
Ah, proudly too. All our lives thru,
We'll go singing, singing of you,
Singing of Idaho."

2) "Idaho Love" , this 2013 gem is from Spencer's Own, previously called The Standards. The clever lyrics talk about specific landmarks, towns, and what it is like to be in love in Idaho. From the Snake River to Sun Valley and from North to South, this song has it all, including a great country twang.
"Alive on the banks of the great snake river, soakin' up sun with my Idaho Love
She's got the curves that go on forever, yea I cant get enough
I've been to balanced rock, been to sunny Sun Valley, walking along with my Idaho Love
She gets wild in the cold cold winter, and she's on fire when the lightning comes.
A hidden gem in the western wind, She's everything I need
I love the freedom, she's holdin' me, My Idaho Love

3) "Private Idaho" B52's - This song brought Idaho to the forefront of conversations all around the country when the B52s sang about the great state. According to hello music theory, "The song was released as a single in September 1980 from their second studio album, Wild Planet. It was their second US Billboard Hot 100 entry at #74. In an interview with the band, the song’s meaning speaks to people from different angles. It’s not a slight about the state but sings of what Idaho or their piece of place means to them." Here are some lyrics from the song.
"You're living in your own private Idaho
Living in your own private Idaho
Underground like a wild potato
Don't go on the patio
Beware of the pool
Blue bottomless pool
It leads you straight
Right through the gate
That opens on the pool
You're living in your own private Idaho
You're living in your own private Idaho"

4) "Idaho" by BoDeans. Hello music Theory describes the song as, "The song is about a man dreaming of a life in Idaho. There, he can be free from the world’s problems, albeit the problems still exist. The lyrics describe the idyllic beauty of Idaho and the breathtaking tranquility of a never-ending star-studded sky." Here are a few lyrics, followed by a video of the song.
"Staring at the stars above
Wonder what are we made of
Some folks say that they know right away
So you look on a cloud for a lullaby
And we're staring at the world from my home little Idaho
And we're staring at the world from my home little Idaho
And I said hey
Everywhere I see, hey
Everywhere I see"

5) "The Boise Song" by Jewel. For those who are tired of hearing out of towners say Boise with a "Z"

6) "Idaho" Josh Ritter

7) "Idaho" Train

8) For the upbeat, spunky Idahoan, here is Delta Spirit's "Idaho".

9) "Idaho" by Bryan Lanning

10) "Idaho" Reckless Kelly

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