A simple card from your child could make a real difference in the lives of those who will be all alone or cooped up this holiday season. 

If you've got young kids it can be easy to forget what a lonely time the holidays can be for some people. People in nursing homes and hospitals that don't have a lot of cheer in their lives.

I had this conversation with my kids recently and they could hardly wrap their minds around it. I mentioned this  to Rick and we decided we wanted to bring the community together and do something super easy that we feel can make a big difference in the lives of people in tough situations around the holidays.

Credit: Rick and Carly/TSM Boise
Credit: Rick and Carly/TSM Boise

I sat my kids down with some construction paper and crayons and we made a few cards to take to a local nursing home. Pretty soon some of the neighbor kids came knocking on our door asking to play and they ended up getting in on the fun.

Rick and I thought what if we got lots of kids to make cards and we all came together to bring a little cheer to the Treasure Valley; not just around Christmas, but every holiday throughout the year!

The concept is pretty simple. Sit down with your kids and make some cards! Wish people a happy holiday season and drop them off or mail them into the WOW Studio.

Send us some "Cards From Kids" and we'll deliver them to those in need!

You can drop off your cards at any Taco Time location

7965 West Fairview Boise 
405 South Vista Boise
6940 West Overland Boise
1015 3rd St South Nampa 
2605 Blaine Caldwell 
or at the WOW Country Studios

827 E. Park Blvd. Ste. 100

Boise, ID 83712

Deadline: December 18th