Have you seen Kim Kardashian with blood smeared all over her face and wondered what in the world is this crazy beauty trend all about?! I was curious, so I decided to test out the Vampire Facial challenge myself. Would it change my life? Would I instantly be Instagram-ready fresh-faced? I was ready to test it out and see!

Note: Unlike everything Kim K. does - this post is not sponsored. This is just a real, nitty-gritty, honest review of what the vampire facial experience was like for me. 

What is a vampire facial?

Not to be confused with a vampire facelift, vampire facials are a facial that essentially uses your own blood to help promote the healthy activity of your skin cells. Our skin is naturally comprised of a mix of red blood cells and serum which act as energy boots for our skin. If you head down any beauty aisle in a store, you'll see serum products EVERYWHERE. Unlike using artificial or animal-based serum, by using your own, you are able to help your skin function optimally, increasing everything from collagen to elastin.

Long story short, vampire facials use your own blood to increase how youthful your skin appears. It's a natural dermal filter where nothing new is added to your body.

Where do you get a vampire facial?

There are quite a few med spa locations throughout the Treasure Valley that offer this bloody facial. After doing some research, I personally chose Carrie at Allante Life Med Spa because out of 40,000 + injectors in the country, she rates 106. Carrie has a great reputation and I decided I felt very comfortable in her hands and the hands of her staff.

It's important if you're deciding to try this out, that you invest time in reviewing who the best person is for you. Yelp! can be a great resource for finding reviews.

What's it like?

When I finally decided to take the plunge and walked into their facility, I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous. I knew they were going to draw my blood and I can be a bit squeamish. Surprisingly, there was very little pain and I even dozed off a couple times during the procedure.

I made the video below so you could see exactly what the experience was like for me.

Was it worth it?

There are a LOT of factors to consider including experience, price and results. I *just* had this done, so I'm still waiting for the full results, but I'm already seeing a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles which is awesome! Having a friendly staff, a comfortable experience, and seeing results, this was definitely worth it for me. Again, research locations on your own, along with pricing and if you're a good candidate.

In the days following my procedure, I'm looking forward to having a boost of collagen, less visible scars, and showing fewer signs of aging. I can definitely understand why celebs like Kim Kardashian West, Bar Refaeli and others are huge fans of this facial, and I think it's awesome we can try it ourselves here in the Treasure Valley!