Let's just say, one of your friends or a family member gifts you a scratch ticket this holiday season, are you obligated to share your winnings with them?

It's crazy to think we are less than two months away from Christmas and as I've gotten older I have received more scratch tickets and lottery tickets as gifts.

So, what would you do or feel obligated to do if you won big on a ticket? Do you think it's right to share the winnings with the person who bought you the ticket? Or because it's a gift, are you keeping 100% of all winnings?

Personally, I don't understand why you would need to share any winnings on a ticket that was gifted to you. If that person gave you a shirt would you feel the need to let them borrow that shirt? To me it's the same concept, even if it does seem a bit harsh.

Just like all lottery players I dream of what I could do with all that money, such as paying off bills for family members, and rescuing dogs from bad situations. But that would be my choice with the winnings, not because I felt obligated to give money to the person who gifted the ticket.

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