It's one of the craziest accidents I've ever heard about and the worst part is that at least one person has lost their life this morning. Here's what happened on Fairview. 


About 3 a.m. a blue passenger car went airborne over a 3 foot wall and landed on the front lawn of a business.


The scene was ugly, in fact according to KTVB, who was on the scene, they say it took until 6:30 to remove a body from the vehicle. They saw that person being loaded into a coroner's van, so we know at least one person has been killed.


Details are just coming in on this crash, so we don't know a lot yet. It's unclear how many people were in the car, what caused it to fly over the 3 foot wall, or how the driver possibly lost control.


The only other detail we do know is that a second person was scene being pulled through the window of the car and loaded into an ambulance. We don't know the condition of that individual or if there were any additional fatalities in this crash, but we are certainly thinking of everyone affected by this horrible accident.