Wow, what an awful crash on I-84 last night! Did you see it?! Here's what happened.

According to KTVB, 59 year old Robert Pickering of Pleasant Grove, Utah was driving a semi westbound on I-84 in Caldwell last night about 10:50 when he lost control around exit 29.

The paper inside served as the perfect fuel for the fire that started when he overturned after going off the right side of the road.

It's a miracle that Pickering escaped the truck alive and it's beyond a miracle that he got away and only suffered minor injuries.

Traffic is back to normal in the area this morning, but it was such a bad wreck that it left all lanes blocked for about eight hours and traffic was diverted at Karcher Road.

So far we don't know what initially caused Pickering to go off the road and overturn. We're just glad that he's o.k. and can back home to his family in Utah now.

Life is so very precious..