Extreme weather is a thing here in Idaho and certainly in the Treasure Valley. We are going from a long, long stretch of intense and non apologetic heat to a rainy cool off. We are not in summer, we are in wildfire season, the smoke continues to linger over Boise. The Boise National Forest has over 1,000 acres that have burned along with dozens of other fires around the state. We need rain.

It looks like the rain wish is going to be granted starting this weekend as a new weather pattern heads over parts of Oregon and Idaho according to CBS2. Temps cool down a bit to the 80s this weekend with a few scattered showers. Sounds like a nice little cool off right, well then we are expected to get some real rain starting Saturday afternoon and it will continue into most of Sunday. This could be heavy enough to bring a few inches that could cause some flooding. The ground has been soooo dry that it will not be able to soak up that much rain water in a short amount of time, especially in areas with burn scars.

The National Weather Service put out a flash flood warning saying: "Increasing monsoon moisture and an unstable airmass will result in showers and thunderstorms with heavy rain and high rainfall rates. Rainfall totals of 1.5 inches or higher are possible. Persons in and near burn scars should be especially aware of the heightened risk of flash floods and debris flows."

Here are the places most likely so see flooding from Saturday afternoon through Monday afternoon. Portions of Idaho and Oregon, including the following areas, in Idaho, Boise Mountains, Camas Prairie, Owyhee Mountains, Southern Twin Falls County, Southwest Highlands, Upper Weiser River and West Central Mountains. In Oregon, Baker County, Harney County and Malheur County.

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