Of course in the summer time we know a hot car is no place for a child or one of our four-legged friends.  BUT KEEP IN MIND!!!, cold cars during the freezing weather can be just as dangerous.  Risks of hypothermia as well as serious illness increase for all those who are younger and smaller.

Jennifer King, a pediatric doctor at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise says, "you want to be especially careful with very young children.  Babies and infants have a very difficult time regulating their temperature."

King also warns that often times younger children are better at ignoring the fact that they are cold during the early stages which can result in by the time a child realizes that they're cold, they've probably already been too cold for a long time.

Pets also have similar issues. In addition to not being able to open the car door to seek help.  Andrea Oncken, a emergency room veterinarian at WestVet in Boise says, "eventually all their systems will start to shut down and that's when they are in danger of having organ systems fail or stop."

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