Not exactly shocking information as the major warehouse facility in Nampa has now officially been confirmed as an Amazon Fulfillment Center. While the rumor has been around for a while, the great news really is that the project will create 1,000+ jobs.

KIVI was first to report about "Project Bronco" set for the corner of Franklin and Star roads in Nampa. The project was put on hold in February.

When asked about the project all city officials remained quiet which just lead to more speculation. The new Amazon center is going to be gigantic, 650,000 square feet to be exact.

Books, electronics and toy shipments will be a big part of the orders being fulfilled at this new location.

Our own Governor, Brad Little said the jobs created by the center will have a huge impact.

As a Nampa resident we all cringe when thinking about the added traffic to the area, but to me the job creation makes it worth it.

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