We are actually helping out a guy this morning with "Girl Talk" this morning. You will not believe what went down at this wedding in Eagle!


We received this e-mail from Blake.


Dear Rick and Carly,

I got married two weekends ago. The happiest day of my life turned into the worst day after my Best Man got drunk and then gave a speech in which he admitted he slept with my wife. The entire room went silent before my wife ran out crying. Needless to say the wedding immediately ended. My wife told me that she and my Best Man were at a party when they got drunk and slept together at a time when we had temporarily split up. Neither of them ever said anything about the hookup. My wife kept it a secret during pre-marital counseling. Our honeymoon was awful. Now that we have arrived back home nothing is the same. If you were me would you annul the marriage?



Ugh, this is a doozy! Ladies, do you think this relationship is over? Can they work through this? Comment below or call us at 208-338-1043