This woman in Middleton is going to great lengths to keep her relationship a secret. Here's why she's keeping it a secret and she needs YOU to help her know what to do! 

Dear Rick and Carly, 

I live in a pretty small town. For the past 6 months I have been dating a man that I know my family and friends would not approve of because he has a shady past. My boyfriend has been in jail and has a history of using drugs. He is a completely different person now, but people can't seem to forget his past. I am a smart woman. I just finished college, I have a great job, and no one would ever imagine the two of us together. I am tired of trying to hide this relationship. Most of the time we only see each other in the middle of the night because if anyone sees us together I know they will try to "talk some sense into me" and we don't want to deal with the drama. 

Please help!

Danielle in Middleton


Should she stop seeing this guy? Tell her family? Danielle needs your advice! Call us at 208-338-1043 or leave a comment below.

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