I cant say I didn't see this coming. I was surprised he didn't roll us back to stage 3 last week. The COVID cases have been skyrocketing in Idaho and Governor Brad Little is concerned about many things but the hospitals capacity is a big one right now. Idaho had over a thousand new COVID 19 cases on Thursday and Friday and higher hospitalizations since the beginning of the pandemic in March. With colder weather and official 'flu' season upon us, I can be the only one feeling a little nervous.

Gov. Little held a press conference today officially announcing the move back to stage 3. The big boost in cases is causing a lot of strain on the healthcare facilities all over Idaho. They are having problems with capacity and are feeling the increase demand and need help keeping the virus at bay so they can continue to treat all patents that come through.

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"Hospitals throughout the state are quickly filling up or are already full with COVID-19 patients and other patients, and way too many healthcare workers are out sick with COVID-19," Little said.

Here are the Stage 3 restrictions, from KTVB are effective for all of Idaho starting at midnight tonight:

Indoor gatherings must be limited to 50 people or less
Outdoor gatherings must remain at 25% capacity or less
Social distancing guidelines remain in place
Long-term care facilities must require masks on the premises
Nightclubs can only operate as bars
Employers are encouraged to continue allowing employees to work remotely or to make special accommodations for in-house employees
Despite the rollback, Little said Idaho's economy has not shut down. In-person church services will not end, travel in and out of the state will not be restricted, and schools will not be required to return to remote learning.

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