An innocent baby in Caldwell dead and a man going to prison because he was reckless, negligent, and completely irresponsible.

Credit: Caldwell Police

KTVB just broke this story about 24-year-old Haven Robb Hackworth who just admitted to felony involuntary manslaughter.

Hackworth was the boyfriend of the little girl's mother, not the father.  He was trusted with the responsibility of taking care of this 5-month-old girl back on May 20, 2017 when his girlfriend had to work.  Little Kyrae Vineyard was strapped into her car seat and taken on a ride while Hackworth ran some errands which ended up in disaster.  Hackworth forgot the baby girl was in his car while taking his time at a Caldwell car dealership and his negligence cost Kyrae her life.

Hackworth test drove a car, filled out the paperwork and bought the car, was on his way home in his new car and that's when he remembered Kyrae.  A process that took who knows how many hours while little Kyrae sat in the hot temperatures gasping for air struggling to hang for life.

Temperatures reached 120 degrees in that car that became Kyrae's prison.  When Hackworth realized what he'd done he called the dealership in a panic begging them to retrieve the child but it was too late.  When employees reached the car, Kyrae's lifeless body was all they could retrieve and the hospital pronounced her dead and the cause was hyperthermia which is what happens when a person's body temperature reaches dangerous levels.

Hackworth is looking at a maximum of ten years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.  His sentencing is set for March 27.