The temperature check is now in place for guests at Florida amusement parks like Legoland and Universal Orlando. Temperature checks will also be required at Disney World when it opens on July 15th. My kids and I recently visited Roaring Springs Water Park and Wahooz, and they also check your temperature on the way in.

The number that they are all looking for is 100.4. That is officially a low-grade fever and the temperature at which all of these parks will not allow a guest to enter. Legoland, Universal, and Disney World are also requiring guests to wear face masks. Lagoon near Salt Lake City is also requiring face masks, but they are not taking your temperature.

Locally, PoJo's and Big Al's are not requiring face coverings. When Dave and Busters and Chuck E. Cheese's reopen, they will not need masks, but Chuck E. Cheese's will do temperature checks.

A low-grade fever for a child can be a symptom of many things, not just COVID-19. It could just mean that they run a little above average, typically kids run hotter than adults. I was concerned that after a full day of Roaring Springs at 93 degrees, I wouldn't be allowed inside Wahooz. I figured that coming straight from one park to the other in that kind of heat would raise our temperatures. I was surprised to learn that while our temperatures may have been hotter than average, they were still below the 100.4 threshold.

When I was informed about the temperature checks, I was a little turned off thinking that this would slow me down or be cumbersome. In reality, this didn't slow us down, and it didn't impede on anyone's fun.

All of these businesses are doing what they believe is the right thing for their employees, guests, and the bottom line. It can be a hard balance to strike, but I applaud them for being open during such a difficult time to provide a distraction for all of us when we need it the most.

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