When I was little, like really little, 3, 4 5 years old we had a fish tank. Come to think of it I always remember having fish growing up. When I was this little though my dad would reach in the fish tank with his (clean) hands (although this was probably not the best for the fish) and I would give on of our large goldfish a little puckered kiss. We did this for years, me giving the goldfish that my dad grabbed out a little kiss. It's kinda gross and again not great for the fish I am sure, but they seemed to live long happy lives and well I like fish so, in the long run a win-win. I have to say though if the goldfish was this big, I would certainly think twice before puckering up. It looks like could eat my face off. I had no idea they could get this big, it looks similar to a koi fish.

Anyway this 9 pound goldfish was found chillin in a lake in South Carolina. It was remarkable for a few reasons, first how the heck did a goldfish, a pet, get in the lake, how long has it been there to get that big and also the lake had been nearly drained, not all the way but very shallow, a couple of times, so its amazing that he wasn't discovered sooner and that he is still there through all of that. My guess is someone was moving or just didn't want the fish anymore, instead of flushing it, like most people would do, they let it out into 'the wild' aka a nearby lake where it has been happily living under the radar and apparently feasting for years.

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Giant Goldy, I just made that up but it seems like a good name, was found on November 16th. The lake is called Oak Grove Lake and is just east of Greenville in South Carolina. They were performing some electrofishing which is a method to measure the health of the fish population. Giant Goldy didn't become famous until yesterday, December 7th when the picture and story was shared on the Greenville County Parks, Recreation & Tourism facebook page.

Though the goldfish is big, it is far from the biggest. According to Guinness World Records, the world's longest goldfish was in The Netherlands and was 18.7 inches in 2003.


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