Mother Nature is about to drop the hammer on East Idaho with massive snow, wind, road closures, and major delays.  If you're headed or living in East Idaho, be prepared.  IT IS NOT GOING TO BE PRETTY!

The National Weather Service is predicting up to a foot of snow in the mountain areas of East Idaho and everywhere... yes, everywhere will be hit hard.

Storm warnings have been issued and the bad weather should start this evening sometime and continue through Sunday night.

The Idaho State Journal says reports that there will most likely be road closures, whiteouts, and at the very least, bad driving conditions.  People are urged to stay off the roads but if you have to travel please bring cautionary items such as a flashlight, blankets, along with food and water in case of an emergency.

We've had a lot of storms over the past week in Eastern Idaho.  Most of them pretty mild.  This one brings winds of up to 50 mph so it'll be a bit different.  Island Park, Ashton, Driggs, and Victor are all expected to be hit the hardest.  Other areas that'll be affected are Palisades, Bone, Swan Valley, Henry, Wayan, Soda Springs, Grace and Bancroft.

If you're traveling in any part of Idaho as we wrap up the holiday week, please be prepared, drive carefully, and be safe.

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