Every Sunday I drive back and forth from Boise, Ok I actually live in Meridian, to Hood River because my son Titus goes back and forth every week to spend time with his father, who lives in Portland. We got caught up in a little winter storm last weekend and had to stay the night in Pendleton at like the last motel available.

On my way down passed LaGrande, in the mountains before Pendleton there was a nearly 2 hour delay as the snow storm was coming in. Mile and miles of big trucks were pulled over on the side of the road to put on chains. Once I FINALLY made it down the mountain and dropped into Pendleton I could see that they closed the highway behind me so after I picked Titus up I had no way to get us home.

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According to KTVB


There is quite a bit of heavy snow, all around the nearby mountain passes including on Oregon 204, the Tollgate Highway is especially bad between Elgin and Weston, Oregon. ODOT warned of the possibility of fallen trees along that route, and urged drivers to take an alternate road.

If you do have to travel please be extra extra extra safe, bring chains and be prepared to slow, stop, or possibly stuck like I was last weekend. Good luck out there.