The I-84 stretch between Nampa and Caldwell is just too small.  Too many vehicles are bottling up in this area and its becoming a problem.


The Caldwell Chamber of Commerce is asking all residents to write to local lawmakers as well as federal state transportation agencies pleading with them to widen the freeway.  Two lanes is just not enough for the heavy traffic we're getting.


Its not just an inconvenience for those driving, its hurting the economy.  A lot of companies looking to build or relocate don't even consider this area because access is just too difficult.  Location, location, location right?  If the location's not right... fix it.  And that's what Caldwell is trying to do.


If you've ever been caught in that traffic on I-84 along this stretch, you know it can be backed up for miles.  When I go through it I'm always expecting some kind of accident or something at the end but no, its just the fact that there's too many vehicles for too little of space.


$330 million is what'll cost to rebuild this ten mile stretch of freeway according to the Idaho Department of Transportation.  Unfortunately the funding is just not there yet.  COMPASS, a company that helps communities plan for the future along with IDT are currently applying for grants and any other funding options to help make this a reality.