This weekend some friends and I went on a little weekend getaway to Jackpot. I am not sure how familiar you are with other radio stations in the market but it was quite a crew. Angie from Moug and Angie Mornings on Mix 106, Malorie Moreno, midday on Mix 106, Michelle Heart from Mornings on 107.9 LITEfm, the glue that holds us all together, our incredible promotions director Jaci Hill and myself, Nikki West Afternoons on 1043 Wow Country. 5 fabulous ladies all looking for a fun time away from home. We were ready and packed with fun clothes, gambling money, snack, and lots of alcohol.

I was the driver for the trip but I had not driven to Jackpot or even to Twin Falls yet. In fact only one of us on the trip had ever been there, Michelle. It was so fun for the other four of us to see this part of Idaho and yes a smidge of northern Nevada for the first time. We had a small mishap trying to get to Twin Falls do to some construction confusion but after a successful U-turn we got where we needed to go... Elevation 486, were we stopped and had an amazing brunch. Then continued out journey.

Once we got to Jackpot we pulled into Cactus Petes and took a look around and get checked in. First things first we got our players cards. Then checked in and got settled in our rooms, had a few drinks, and headed down to play.

A few things to note for upcoming trips. Currently masks are required everywhere on the casino floor and in community areas, lobby, elevators, hallways, entering and leaving restaurants, etc. There were available sanitation stations every 20 feet or so with motion hand sanitizer dispensers. There were employees walking around cleaning seats, machines and tables constantly. Table games were limited to 4 players at a time. If you want to play a table game you must check in with your name and they call it when it is your turn. That being said they do not limit time at table games, if you get called you can stay as long as you are still playing.

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We all came with money that we tucked away as disposable for the trip so if we lost it all we wouldn't be devastated and it also gave us a limit. We all had different amounts but I came with $400. In the first few hours, I had lots of ups and downs and was down over all about $50 so my total was roughly $350. The girls and I had dinner in the Desert Room and kept playing. We had times when we were all together and other times when we paired or grouped off. Jaci and Malory were rocking the table games and Angie, Michelle and I were having fun with slots. Around 10pm Angie and Jaci ran up to the rooms while Malory and Michelle were with me by the slot machines near the elevators. I was going back and forth in betting amounts, sometimes the smallest, sometimes max bet, sometimes in the middle. Either way on one of my max bets I filled up the little coin thing and got to pick a character, then it had 7 free spins. On the last spin the machine just kept going, the total earnings in one go was $900!!!! My heart was pounding! It was so exciting! The highest I got my total was $1,514, I lost a couple hundred the next morning and stopped. I cashed out at $1,318.

I sent a text to Angie and Jaci and we all celebrated more that night and played more. I gave in at about 1am. The next morning we had a couple more hours of casino time before we had to hit the road. We all jumped around a bit from slot to slot and at one point Angie ended up on the same slot machine I had won at the night before. She wasnt there so she didnt know which machine it was. I walked over to join Michelle and Malory who were with Angie while she played. This was probably in the last 20 minutes or so before we needed to head out. All the sudden boom! She won huge!!! Just over $1,700!!!!! Jackpot was very very good to us. We had a blast and cant wait to go back.


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