Idahoans have such big hearts and are so kind and giving. I learned that in a big way last week with our St. Jude two day radiothon We raised $92,532. Truly incredible. Well now another happy Idaho story about how giving people in our state are. There is an Idaho couple, Michael and Kelly Wolsten who were out eating dinner at Pho Le 1 in Coeur d'Alene.

The couple, as many do, started chatting with their waitress. After some friendly conversation the waitress reveled that she was working 3 jobs and was a single mother. She was doing what she needed to in order to provide for her three cuties and to make sure they were going to have a wonderful Christmas. The Waitress wasn't saying it at all in a woes me type of fashion. It was simply conversation. Her kindness, sweet nature and dedication to do whatever it took to create a happy life for her youngsters touched the Wolstens. They left her a good tip and the waitress was over the moon gracious. But they weren't done yet....

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That still wasn't quite enough for Michael and Kelly, who after getting home decided to post about it on facebook asking their friends to contribute if they were able to help this mother and her little family out. Dozens of contributions came in along with kind messages of cheer, joy and encouragement. In total the waitress got a $2,400 tip and over a 100 messages to the single mother.

"We just wanted to bless you, and over 100 people wanted to bless you," Kelly Wolsten told the woman in a video.


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