On March 8th I wrote an article about how Idaho is the last state that has not legalized industrial hemp. On the federal level, it has been legal to grow hemp since the 2018 farm bill passed. Back in March Idaho lawmakers were in the process of changing that and making it legal for farmers to grow and legal for import and export of Hemp within the state as well. It passed in the Idaho House, then moved on to Idaho's Senate where it also passed. The last stop was Idaho Govenor Brad Little who, according to CBS Idaho News signed the bill into law on Friday.

Called House Bill 126, this bill is the industrial hemp legalization bill. Idaho farmers, like many in other states are now able to grow hemp crops as well as process and transport the plant. With how huge Idaho is in our booming agricultural and farming this makes sense. On average per year the gem state brings in about $2.8 Billion. Learn more and see what our current top producing crops are here.

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The Governors office did not send out an official press release for the signing and law change. This is only Hemp and the Hemp plant that is allowed, this is not making marijuana or THC legal in Idaho. This would not have any effect of the state of Idaho's current drug laws, except to clarify and differentiate between hemp and marijuana. With hemp containing less than 0.3% THC. Also in this bill, if someone wanted to grow hemp in the state they would need a license compliant with federal law. The state is expected to have a huge return over time from taxes in relation to the Hemp production and products.

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