According to a new list put together by, Idaho has the 8th worst winters in the US!  Is it just me or does that sound a little extreme?  I mean come on, in this list we have worse winters than Ohio, Wyoming, New York (I mean really!?!  The winters in Buffalo alone should put them ahead of us), Illinois, Iowa, etc.

The guys at Thrillist go on to say, "if you happen to live up at the top of Idaho’s chimney, up Route 2 by Bonners Ferry or beyond even, wow. You basically live in Canada, and as such, are in no way protected by those lovely chinook winds we keep talking about."

So who has worse winters than us?  The top of the list rounds out like this:

1. Minnesota

2. Michigan

3. Alaska

4. North Dakota

5. Maine

6. South Dakota

7. Wisconsin

8. Idaho

Click HERE to see the full list