Customizing your home is ling having a canvas for expressing individual personality. These selections echo one's unique character, from color choices to furniture arrangements. An eclectic art collection might reveal a creative soul, while minimalistic design can reflect a preference for simplicity and order. Personalized touches like family photos or heirlooms impart a sense of history and connection. Home customization not only shapes the physical space but also unveils the intricate layers of one's personality, creating a haven that resonates with one's true self.

What does a custom faux rock cave say about someone's personality?

This property in Meridian has a beautiful setup with 5 acres. If you have horses, they've covered you with a barn, a separate guest house, and a huge shop. There's plenty of room to entertain friends and family, with a great outdoor BBQ space and a pool for those hot summer days. The realtor mentions a private gate and that "the grand foyer sets the tone with warm tones, custom tile and stonework, and beautiful engineered hardwood throughout." 

Mike Moir/The Agency Boise
Mike Moir/The Agency Boise

Remember when we talked about personality coming through? The homeowner has put their personality stamp on this home with a faux-like rock/cave formation inside the house with a shower, a hot tub, and a wet bar. We assume that's what it is based on what we can see in the pictures. The realtor doesn't address the room in the home's description.

Want to see this faux cave/rock formation embracing the Grand Cayon? 

Insane $3.5 Million Idaho Luxury Home Recreates the Grand Canyon Indoors

This Meridian home is amazing. It has a beautiful pool, a huge gym, 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and plenty of space for a couple of horses. The house also recreates the Grand Canyon. Wait until you see these pictures.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

On the flip side of that coin, this house has an amazing outdoor go-kart track in Eagle. Every kid's dream home? Maybe, but mine for sure.

Astonishing Eagle, Idaho Home Has Its Own Private Go-Kart Track

Located at 2101 N Corsey Way in Eagle, this luxury home is unlike anything we've seen before!

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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