Oh, what a blessing to witness the glorious snail's pace of a real estate market slowdown! Who needs the thrill of fast transactions and profitable sales anyway? The excitement of watching properties sit on the market indefinitely is unmatched. Forget about downsizing or upsizing; it's all about the joy of side-stepping that pesky notion of financial stability. In this spectacular slowdown, real estate agents become lifelong companions, and "For Sale" signs become permanent fixtures of suburban landscapes.

If you've been looking for a home, you should be sensing the sarcasm.

Well, we all know that's not true. The Treasure Valley's real estate market continues its impressive run, showing no signs of slowing down. Housing demand remains high, and property values continue to appreciate. As more people discover the beauty and opportunities the Treasure Valley offers, it's clear that this dynamic real estate market is here to stay, making it an exciting time for both buyers and sellers.

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Boise's real estate market is on fire, with homes selling at an even hotter pace than last year, according to Realtor.com. Realtor says that "the unique combo of mortgage rates shooting up to their highest point in a generation, a near-historic lack of available homes on the market, along with the resiliency of some buyers eager to find a way into homeownership no matter what has led to the pace of homebuying picking up in many parts of the country." It's not a by a couple of days. It's a pretty significant number. 

Below, you'll find the Top 10 housing markets where homes are selling faster in October 2023 than last year. 

10 Cities Where Homes Are Selling Faster Than Last Year

To find the housing markets where homes are selling briskly, Realtor looked at the median days on the market in the first week of October in the 100 largest metropolitan areas. Realtor compared those figures with those a year earlier. We selected only the metro with the largest decline in each state to provide geographical diversity. (Metros include the main city and surrounding towns, suburbs, and smaller urban areas.)

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

Take a Look at the 12 California Cities Sending the Most People to Boise

Our sources include Neighborhood Scout, which uses FBI crime data or their safety rankings, the American Census Bureau, BestPlaces.net, Niche.com, which allows current and former residents to grade their state/city/town and Realtor.com. Crime Index means the city is safer than (X)% of cities in America. 

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Californians: What To Know When Moving To Boise

Gallery Credit: Canva.com


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