Hot pockets are easy quick, and pleasing I get it but throw them away immediately. The Hot Pocket recall is classified as the most dangerous kind of recall. A "Class I" by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) means "health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death." Yea, death! Throw that ish out!

The potential problem is not on all varieties though. It's the premium pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets that are causing concern. Those are the only one covered in the recall. The boxes in question have a Feb. 2022 expiration date and lot codes 0318544624, 0319544614, 0320544614, and 0321544614 printed on the carton. They also include establishment number "EST. 7721A" inside the USDA mark of inspection toward the bottom of the front of the box. The boxes in question were produced around November and have been shipped around the entire country. Most certainly including here in Idaho. Please check your freezers and tell your kiddos not to eat any. I know they are an easy after school thing to eat but not this time.

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The recall came about to the headquarters because so far four people have come forward because they found "extraneous material" in their Hot Pockets. One included a minor oral injury. It did not specify where the 4 people who came forward are from.


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