Could this kiddo be any cuter?! Carly Dudman is our current "Rick and Carly's Kid." Here's a little bit about this cutie pie!

The first thing you notice about 10-year-old Carly is her infectious smile, but she's fighting a battle that not many can relate to.

Carly has Turner's Syndrome, which affects 1 in every 2000 girls. It's a chromosome disorder that causes Carly to be shorter than her peers. The bigger deal is that it may rob her of the chance to be a mother someday, even though she loves kids. Turner's syndrome also delays puberty, can cause kidney problems, heart problems, learning issues, and diabetes among other issues.

On the bright side, according to, girl's with Turner's Syndrome write well, learn well by hearing, memorize well, and have good language skills. Plus, there are treatments that help a little bit with growth and some of the other difficulties girls like Carly face.

Her Mom says there aren't any support groups, walks, or advocacy for Turner's Syndrome here in Idaho, but we'd like to change that.

Carly's very favorite country artist is Keith Urban, so we sent her to the big show at Taco Bell Arena this past Friday! We just adore you Carly!! We know you have a very bright future ahead of you because of your amazing attitude, the support of your Mama and hopefully, we can create a little more awareness about Turner's Syndrome. Welcome to the "cool kids" club Carly!

If you know a child that is struggling with a unique condition or situation, a child that needs a little pick me up, or if you want to help bring awareness of a certain struggle a child is facing here in the Treasure Valley, apply to be one of our Rick and Carly's Kids.

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