There really is no excuse. This mobile mammography bus is saving lives right here in Boise.

Idaho ranks 49th in the country for women not getting their mammograms. The problem? Too many people are uninsured or under insured and its just our nature as women to put ourselves last.

Mammography bus to the rescue! Inside you find friendly, helpful ladies, a discrete breast examination room, and a separate room where mammograms are performed.

There is no doubt about it that mammograms catch breast cancer, even in its earliest stages and they save lives.

I will never forget the story of a TV reporter that I worked with in Salt Lake City. Mary Nichols got a mammogram on assignment and they found a lump the size of the tip of her fingernail. She would have never felt it on her own. Today she is healthy and cancer free all because of that mammogram.

The mammography bus is in the same parking lot as The Ram off of Park Center Boulevard until 4 o'clock. Stop by. It may just save your life.