Millions and millions of dollars are involved with this Boise area FBI raid that has brought down an international scam that some are saying has been going since 2008.  Those arrested are...

  • Pavel Babichenko
  • Gennady Babitchenko
  • Piotr Babichenko
  • Timofey Babichenko
  • Kristina Babichenko
  • Natalya Babichenko
  • David Bibikov
  • Anna Iyerusalimets
  • Mikhail Iyerusalimets
  • Artur Pupko

Charges attack these family members with wire fraud, mail fraud, conspiracy to traffic counterfeit trademark goods, trafficking in counterfeit goods and money laundering.  More than 100 different business entities were used by these people to purchase counterfeit iPhone and Samsung cellphones, chargers, earbuds, smartwatches and other accessories in bulk from Hong Kong and then sell them here in the United States.

KTVB reports that the FBI has been following this scam for the past four years and yesterday, August 22, 2018, they dropped the hammer raiding multiple homes, businesses and buildings.

The government is prepared to seize all property including vehicles, homes, business buildings, and churches that this organization owns.

Many of those involved have made numerous trips to South America.  Authorities feel this group has international ties and plans to relocate in Brazil when and if they feel they may be caught so four of the men are being held without bail at the Ada County Jail while the other six have been released on bail.  The trial is set for October 23rd.

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