11-year-old Ezekiel, who goes by "Zeke," has undergone over 100 surgeries in his short life. His body doesn't process food the way most of us do, but his extraordinary challenges don't keep him from continually striving to just be a kid. 

Like many kids his age, Zeke loves the video game Fort Night. That's how he spends a lot of his time because of the toll his medical conditions take on him.

His families nightmare began when he contracted Rotavirus as a baby. After the virus wreaked havoc on his body, Zeke couldn't gain weight and wasn't growing properly. He's since been diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency and has to take shots every night to help him grow. Gastroparesis means his stomach doesn't process food properly so it has to be stimulated to pass through his system normally. Zeke has also been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, which causes muscle weakness.

Credit: Rick and Carly/TSM Boise
Credit: Rick and Carly/TSM Boise

His countless surgeries have been in an effort to get his digestive system to work better, but for now, he carries around a back backpack that connects him to a feeding tube to help him get the nutrients he needs.

He's in the process of being homeschooled because of the bullying he's endured at school. His Mom, Sheena's one hope is that eventually all of the surgeries will be worth it and he can just be a kid.

To hear more of Zeke's story,  listen below. You are one brave, super cool kid Zeke. Welcome to our "Rick and Carly's Kids" family.