You'd think having too much of something would be a good thing, right? Not so much when it comes to Oregon's marijuana industry.

Mathematically, it's pretty basic. There's too many people trying to sell marijuana in Oregon, so as supply goes up, price goes down. For customers, that's great. A wider selection, and lower prices. Bonus! Doesn't sound like a big deal, unless you're someone trying to make an honest living selling cannabis.

One dispensary owner, Aleeya Kim, explains:

I've had to cut some employees. We're all struggling. I would say there isn't anybody out here who's not struggling to get through this time.

What's worse for operators is that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission at this time has zero control over how many people can legally operate marijuana dispensaries in the state. Which means, it's probably a bad time to start a weed shop in Oregon, but it's a great time to buy up product!


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