The movie theater experience might not be what it used to be but thankfully, we can go. It sounds like a simple thing to be overly grateful for but after all we endured during the pandemic, it's the little things we take for granted that we miss the most.

One thing we don't miss? The high cost of a visit to the concession stand.

Have you ever snuck something into the theater?

Some people sneak in candy, some people sneak in a bottle or can of soda. Then there are the people we talked to... one of them shared they spotted someone who successfully snuck Kentucky Fried Chicken into the theater.

And listen - we know it's "against the rules" but if you're able to sneak in a bucket of fried chicken, you have some serious skills and we can't ignore that. We love fried chicken probably more than anyone out there and let us tell you, there is no aroma like the aroma of the Colonel's Best.

Also - think about how enjoyable that movie-going experience must have been. There you are watching Oppenheimer, a large drink in one hand, a drumstick in the other... some people would agree that's living the dream.

But, what else have people snuck into movie theaters? We asked and people didn't disappoint... someone even managed to sneak in a bowl of spaghetti.


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