Do you believe in paranormal activity, ghosts, and the like? My ex loved to watch ghost shows and its easy to go down the rabbit hole with it. I have never been one for the paranormal horror movies because it seemed too real to me, like it could really happen over a deranged clown or chainsaw slinging Texas man. I had one unexplained encounter in Alaska near a cemetery when the Iditarod races were taking place in downtown Anchorage. I will never forget my skin crawled and the hair stood up on the back of my neck, etc. Well for one Meridian man recently things seemed to became paranormally active at his home.

Idaho News Channel 2 broke the story of Brian Morrin, who is a CBS2 employee and his unexplainable video. He was playing guitar, doing a little jam session as he put it, with some friends of his over Facebook. His daughter Grace was also home with a couple of friends that she had over. The family also has two dogs. The daughter, her friends and both dogs were in Grace's room with the door shut while Brian was in completely different room.

This past week I was playing my guitar and experienced something extremely odd. I was recording a jam to share with some guitar playing friends on FaceBook when an unexplained object came into view. My daughter had three friends over and they were all in her room along with our two dogs.

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During the Facebook video jam session an unexplained black object comes into view from the right side of the screen. It is not like a tiny orb either, it has some mass to it. Brian later sent some photos and the video to local paranormal investigatory Marie from Big River Paranormal she said, “It’s interesting there could be many logical explanations for the photo however I wasn’t there. However, based on our further conversations that evening, I do think an investigation would be warranted and that’s something we’d be willing to do once COVID restrictions are lifted and it’s safe for everyone."

It sounds like this one may not be solved for awhile if ever, after looking at the pictures and video what do you think it is?

Also have you ever had a paranormal experience?


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