Beth Lee-Crowther is a psychic medium from the West Midlands. She says she has been able to communicate with animals since she was a young girl. Miss Dr. Doolittle anyone? She even claims that her horse Fred predicted her friend would meet her soulmate and even gave specifics about him. Beth says she can talk with Fred on a 'deeper level' and that all animals are psychic.


'I've always been able to communicate with animals,' said Beth when she was on This Morning , TV show . 'But it wasn't until I got a bit older, I realized people weren't having the same experiences as me, hearing them - and I also get pictures from them telepathically as well.'

Hmmm... I'm not going to jump straight out and call Beth bogus, because that is not nice and maybe she does have lovely conversations with animals. I am waiting for the day that they invent a collar like the one in UP that will translate animals (in this case dog) for us to understand.

If your pets could talk to you what would they say?

My Punkin girl would probably tell me shes hungry... again and that she really, really, really wants to play... again and that she loves me for saving her all those years ago. See look, I got all that without her telling me telepathically. I do think there is a special bond we get with our pets were there is a type of communication and understanding. But is Beth real? That is only for her and the animals to know....

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