Ok, this may just be my Favorite "stray cat" so far! Meet Delta, "Rick and Carly's 11th Stray of Christmas!" Here's why I fell in love with her!


First off, look at that face, she just screams personality! Delta is only 2 years old, so she's got a lot of life left to live and your house could be just what she needs. Here's a little message from Delta.


"I'm Delta! Way back in April, my babies and I were surrendered to Simply Cats. We immediately went out to an amazing foster home. Of course my babies flew out of Simply Cats once they were up for adoption. Me? Not so much. I can be a little testy, but in my defense, I'm a tortie! An incredibly gorgeous one at that! My foster Mom spend tons of time with me, and she loved me very much. Once I get a home I will relax again and show someone my true colors!"


If you are interested in adopting Delta, please call Rick and Carly at 338-1043 or Simply Cats 343-7177.