You gotta give props to those in our community who step up and do BIG things and today I'm tipping my hat to East Idaho News.  These guys are spreading love, hope, and the Christmas Spirit with their Secret Santa program and their latest victim was the sweetest little woman who's had to deal with way too much in life and could just use a little break.

For Becky Madsen, Christmas hasn't always been good.  On Christmas Eve one year when she was 8-years-old Becky got the Chicken Pox.  She took aspirin to help lower the fever and that's when everything went wrong.  Becky fell into a coma for three months.  When she finally woke up, she was never the same.

Becky is blind and in a wheelchair.  She needs help with a lot of daily tasks that we all take for granted like putting clothes on or opening a package but Becky's strong and she's fought through all of it and created some wonderful moments in her life.  She went to college, got married, and even adopted a baby boy.

For a long time now Becky's wheelchair has been busted up, run down, and not working properly.  This wheelchair is Becky's life.  It's like your legs and arms not working properly and you just have to deal with it because you can't afford the $4,400 it cost to fix it.

East Idaho News stopped by Becky's house with their Secret Santa and surprised her with a check for $4,400 to get her wheelchair in tip-top shape.  This program is very similar to The Christmas Wish program our sister station 107.9 Lite FM puts on and I applaud anyone and everyone who takes on the monumental task of making Christmas so much better for so many people out there that truly have situations that are rough.

if you're having a bad day or feeling sorry for yourself, or you just happen to be ungrateful for what you have... watch the video below.  Thank you East Idaho News for stepping up and making Idaho so great.

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