Shay Mooney from Dan & Shay isn't the only musician in his family! His sister Gabrielle is not only gorgeous but has one heck of a voice.

She said she was inspired when she came back from a family trip back to the farm they were raised on shortly after her grandparents passed. Then after being back home, all of the memories came flooding back to her and she started to construct and piece together this beautiful song about growing up.

Check out Come On In

The single isn't her first, song as you can imagine with a voice like that and with who her younger brother is. She's written and recorded several songs under the name Lyrx. Have you heard Walker Hayes' single "90's Country."? She helped co-write that one too. She used Lyrx but says now shes ready to use her birth name, feeling like shes in the next stage of her career. I'm thinking with the talent and a voice and face like that we will be seeing and hearing plenty from her.

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If you have not already seen it here is Dan & Shays latest Music Video for I Should Probably Go to Bed. Its super theatrical and filmed like a movie. The floating house reminds me of the movie UP even though there are no balloons.
Can you see the resemblance?

Who knows maybe they will end up being the next big celebrity siblings. Check this list to see the 30 most powerful celebrity siblings. Just a note, there seem to be way more celebrity couples than siblings... I wonder why?

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