This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend two Christmas parties. The first one took place Friday night and was my wife's company party. It was a nice gathering that took place at an employees house (which was beautiful) plus it was in Nampa so it was close to home for us. SCORE.

The evening began socializing before we all sat down to a catered dinner from Olive Garden. The food was delicious and everyone was having a great time. Shortly after everyone was done eating we all gathered in the living room for the White Elephant gift exchange, which happens at lots of Christmas parties.

Being the lucky person that I am, I grabbed the #1 spot, which means I got to no only pick the first gift but at the very end was able to steal/swap gifts with any other person who didn't have their gift stolen/swapped twice already.

The first gift I picked was a very nice and super soft and comfortable scarf. Savannah was in heaven as she knew that would be a gift I gave to her. As the game went on, NO ONE was stealing gifts from each other (which is part of the game when their number came up), because they didn't want to be rude. If you have a White Elephant gift exchange coming up, don't be afraid to steal, it truly makes the game more fun. Remember, it's part of the game.

In the end, Savannah did get the amazing scarf she wanted and I got to steal what I wanted at the end which was a margarita mix from Costco and Salsa dish as seen above in the picture. It was a fantastic night had by all with a tremendous group of people.

Just remember, don't be afraid to steal/swap the gift you want. It's part of the game and to me, it makes the game more fun.

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