Everyone has someone in their life that is a hypochondriac (someone who is abnormally anxious about their health), and when you google you illness symptoms when feeling sick it makes people believe they are sicker than they are. The details were given out by SWNS Digital, saying that two in five Americans have been wrongly convinced they had a serious disease after googling their symptoms.

When I feel sick, I simply go to bed and get rest. Although 65% of people have self-diagnosed themselves using the internet. It's alarming that 43% of Americans have gone to the Internet to check their symptoms and convinced themselves they had a serious illness. And 74% of people who self-diagnose online have said that it makes them worry more about their health.

This is why when you're feeling sick you need to consult your actual doctor. They will have the expertise to know whether you're dealing with a simple cold or something more serious. Always listen to your body when something isn't right and never be scared to make an appointment with your physician. Cheers to good health, without googling your symptoms.

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