This is scary stuff! Vallivue Middle School was placed on lockdown this morning. Here's what went down.

A student heading to Vallivue Middle School in Caldwell was spotted with a gun on the school bus. According to KTVB, everyone inside the school has been confirmed safe and secure, but the school was briefly put on lockdown. That lockdown was lifted as of 9:20 a.m.

As of now, it is unclear if the student spotted with the gun has been caught or brought into custody. The Canyon County Sheriffs Office in connection with the Caldwell Police Department is continuing to work the case.

The last thing we need is another school shooting in this country and who knows what this students motives were in bringing a gun to school. Maybe he or she was just trying to be "cool" or something like that. We'll keep you posted as the details unfold, but I will say I am so grateful for the quick and cautious response by our police who did everything to ensure that the students and staff were safe this morning.